Trading automation

We automate your trading strategy. Use algorithmic trading to increase speed, accuracy and efficiency in financial markets.

Our work process

From assessment to implementation, our proven workflow ensures seamless integration of solutions tailored to your needs.


We thoroughly analyze your trading goals, risk tolerance and market conditions in order to determine the most suitable trading strategies and parameters for the trading robot.


Our team designs a robust architecture for your trading robot that includes advanced algorithms and risk management techniques to ensure optimal performance and adherence to your trading goals.


Using state-of-the-art technologies, we develop and deploy your trading robot, write efficient code and conduct rigorous tests to ensure reliability and accuracy of trade execution.


We help you in the smooth implementation and integration of the trading robot with your trading platform, providing continuous support and monitoring to ensure its smooth operation.

Automate your trading accurately and efficiently

Unlock the power of algorithmic trading with our automation solutions designed to improve your trading strategy and optimize market performance.

“Implementing their RPA solution has revolutionized our operations. It has streamlined processes, eliminated errors and greatly increased efficiency. Highly recommended!”

Sven Allik

CEO @Haustec

Frequently asked Questions

Find answers to common questions about our RPA service, providing the information you need to make informed decisions.

A trading robot is an automated software that executes trades based on predetermined strategies, enabling accurate and efficient trading without constant manual intervention.

Algorithmic trading enables faster trade execution, eliminates emotional biases, and enables the automation of complex trading strategies, resulting in greater accuracy and efficiency.

Yes, our trading robots are highly customizable. We work closely with you to define and implement specific trading strategies and parameters that are consistent with your investment goals and risk tolerance.

Our trading robot includes robust risk management features, such as stop loss orders and position sizing, to help you manage and control risk when trading in real time.

You have full control over the trading robot. You can set parameters, adjust strategies and adjust risk management settings according to your preferences. Our team guides and supports you throughout the process.